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It does everything he says it does. It cleans like crazy. A job that used to take 4 hours just took my guys less than 2 hours. They saved scrubbing time. They didn’t have to relocate the screens to a central location. They dry bush both sides with a hogs hair and then spray the screens with the pump up sprayer (again, both sides… it’s dusty out here). We pride ourselves with turning out the cleanest screens, but this is even better. Customers are even telling the guys that the screens look BETTER than new. Seriously! I can say that this is definitely not a smoke and mirrors show.”

Curt Kempton
5 Star Windows – Queen Creek, AZ

I purchased this product once on accident at an ACE store. It sat for a few years until I purchased a new home and thought I would clean the screens one day and I was just amazed as well as my family and my neighbors on how fantastic this worked. Yes it is as easy as taking the screen off, spaying one side of the screen with the screen magic and in 10 minutes I was ready to put the screen back on. I will always have this ready and available at my house for sure.


The Home Depot