Screen Magic Tips & Hacks

  • If it’s not convenient to remove the screen from the frame,door or window you can saturate a microfiber towel and simply wipe the product one.

  • If you have alot of screens to clean you can remove from window and put two screens back to back as you spray. This way you get more yield out of the product because while you are cleaning the front of one screen the spray through is cleaning the back of the other screen. Then, simply reverse the pattern to clean the back/front of the other side.

  • Clean and shine the frame with a saturated microfiber towel


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  1. Remove screens from window.

  2. Cover the surface beneath your cleaning zone with cloth or a tarp to protect from overspray.

  3. You DO NOT need to rinse screens with water before applying Screen Magic but if you do, lightly spray away debris from screens with garden sprayer and let them dry.

  4. Adjust the spray nozzle counter clockwise for the WIDEST SPRAY. Do not use indoors, over cement, asphalt, painted surfaces, furniture or carpet without a tarp.

  5. Hold the sprayer 14″ away from the screen and spray Screen Magic on both the front and the back of the screen thoroughly.

  6. Wipe excess off frame with a towel. Hint: For a more even finish use a microfiber towel to lightly wipe the front and back of the screen immediately after applying Screen Magic.

  7. Since 90% of the dirt and dust is on the outside, if you have 2 screens about the same size you can put the screens back to back and spray both sides (both being the outside) and the overspray usually cleans the inside side.  Now you have just cleaned two screen.s for the price of one!

  8. When applying to security doors with screens and arcadia sliding screen doors you don’t need to remove the screens.  Put down a tarp to cover the floor if you’re spraying it on the screen.  You can also just saturate a microfiber towel and wipe it on without having to cover the floor.  Screen Magic works great either way you apply it.

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