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Increase Your Profit Margins Instantly With Screen Magic

Now you can increase your profits by over 100% and completely clean screens without scrubbing. In fact, you don’t even need to rinse the screens with water. Just spray Screen Magic on and it’s done, NO SCRUBBING!

Labor is the largest cost to cleaning screens. With Screen Magic you can clean an average screen (3′ X 4′) in less than 2 minutes from taking the screen off to putting the screen back on. Screen Magic virtually eliminating your labor cost. 

Screen Magic eliminates the need to, rinse it, scrub it, rinse it again let it dry to make sure there are no streaks. With Screen Magic you can clean the screen right next to the window sill. No more dragging them to the drive way and up and down the ladder! What do you value your time at? It should be around $50 per hour. Your time is your most valuable asset. There are only so many hours in a day. This calculator shows you how you can save hours every day and make more money per job. Most importantly the screens will look perfect every time.

How it works

Here is how it works. Our special formula of emulsions, UV inhibitors, glossing agents, and dust repellents don’t just cover the dust, it destroys it. The dust particles are organically dissolved making the screens look like new and the dust repellents help to keep them looking that way.
  • Repels dust
  • UV inhibitors
  • No rinsing with water
  • No scrubbing
  • No streaks
  • Takes only 1 minute for average screen
  • No walking screens back and forth to washing station
  • Only one trip up the ladder
  • Waterfed pole users fear not! This will not make glass hydrophobic.
  • Shines the frame

If customers don’t do windows they certainly don’t do screens. Screens are difficult to clean properly. Until now only one thing could get screens clean: a lot of time, a lot of effort, and a lot of scrubbing.

Since most of your cost to clean screens is labor, lets see how much Screen Magic can increase your profit margins. Using the calculator on the left, put in your labor cost per hour and how many minutes it currently takes you to clean a screen from the time when you take it off, rinse it, scrub it, rinse it again and let it dry to make sure there are no streaks. The important number to look at is the “Profit margin increase per screen” at the bottom of the form. That tells you more money you could be making with Screen Magic.

Screen Magic is available in 1 gallon and 5 gallon containers. We recommend using an air pump sprayer for maximum use of the product. One important note is you need to have a spray tip that has a fine mist aerosol type spray, like a glass cleaner spray bottle.



25.6oz Concentrate
1/2 gal Concentrate
1 gal Ready To Use

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